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Hui'an carving art cultural and creative industrial park is rated as "top ten key cultural industrial parks in Fujian Province"

Hui'an carving art cultural and creative industrial park is rated as "top ten key cultural industrial parks in Fujian Province" Huian County has 855 carving enterprises with 100000 employees and a total output value of 15.14 billion yuan. In 2011, the export delivery value exceeded 7 billion yuan, accounting for 43% of similar products in China. Covering the development of carving creative industry has a positive significance for promoting the transformation and upgrading of Hui'an carving art, a traditional industry. Innovation has always been the core spirit of Hui'an carving art, and the planning of Creative Industry Park will further expand Hui'an carving art to become a cultural and creative industry with modern significance. On August 29, Hui'an carving art cultural and creative industrial park was rated as the "top ten key cultural industrial parks in Fujian Province", becoming the only cultural and Creative Industrial Park selected in Quanzhou. Quanzhou Hui'an carving culture and creative industrial park covers the whole Hui'an County, and takes Chongwu and Shanxia towns as the core areas, plans to build a 5000 mu stone carving Industrial Park, supporting the construction of World Sculpture Park, Master Studio group, carving studio village, enterprise creative design research and development center, carving professional market, carving Exhibition Center, carving history museum and other projects; In combination with national and provincial industrial tourism spots such as Leiyi, Haoxiang, Rongfa, Dingli, etc., a cultural tourism route of carving will be opened, and a century old shop of carving will be built along Shanxia and Chongwu sections of huichong Road, and a cultural corridor of carving will be built, striving to build a modern creative industrial park of carving integrating "creativity, research and development, production, commercial service supporting and tourism". At present, the industrial park project has successfully introduced a number of carving cultural and creative investment projects, such as Jianming jade carving, Fujian yongfengyu stone carving culture and Art Museum, Quanfu art carving, etc. at present, each project has been put into construction. At the same time, a number of projects such as Gongrong sculpture and Creative Industrial Park, Jiahao Industrial Park, Tengfei construction group enterprise economic headquarters and Risheng cross strait stone art cultural and creative exchange center are under discussion. In the future, Huian will build a group of master carving studios in the way of combination of concentration and decentralization. We plan to build a 1000 mu jade carving creative base in Shanxia Town, and encourage qualified and interested enterprises to try first, extending from the original granite and other stone carving to jade carving. It will also guide enterprises to cooperate with domestic and foreign design masters to introduce fashionable and advanced creative ideas while maintaining traditional characteristics; support large enterprises to establish creative design research and development center, establish stone carving boutique Exhibition Center and design studio in provincial central cities, and gradually improve stone carving creative design and production. At the end of this year, Huian County will also hold the first China (Huian) International Sculpture Art Expo. With the theme of "inheriting sculpture art culture and leading creative future", the exhibition will focus on displaying Huian sculpture art boutiques by combining exhibition, marketing, exhibition and competition.